A little history of Garston Brotherhood of Spiritualists
Our History.

The Garston Brotherhood of Spiritualists was founded in 1944 by Mr and Mrs Jack Gray, in memory of their sixteen year old daughter Olive who passed to spirit the year before. With help of friends, and a mortgage on their home, they bought a plot of land in First Avenue Garston. A strong church membership was formed and from October 1944 they held their meetings in a room to the rear of Wiltshire's Café, then sited in Horseshoe Lane. Mr Gray was voted President and Mrs Gray Vice-President. Members paid an annual subscription of six shillings and set about raising, through donations and loans the six-hundred pounds needed to build a hall on the land. All the difficulties of post-war times were somehow overcome and the new building was finally opened in November 1948. Members donated chairs, some bearing the names of their donor on a silver plaque. In its new home, the church grew in size and range of activities. As well as using visiting mediums, holding healing services and visiting the sick, the church had a strong social side. There was Christmas and summer bizarre's and various other activities. By May 1981 the only surviving trustee was Mrs Gray so she co-opted her eldest son, Reg, his eldest daughter Jackie and her husband Phillip Sayers. Mrs Gray past to spirit in 1984, but the "brotherhood" continues to thrive and provide a place of spiritual sanctuary and healing. In 2009 Mrs Jackie Sayers became the new President, following in her grandparents footsteps. The church remains an independent family orientated place for Sunday church services, healing, learning, library, circles, and private readings and also has a healthy membership base.